Completed Projects

Support to Strengthening Migration and Asylum Management in Serbia

The project is expected to help bolster the system of migration and asylum management in Republic of Serbia. It has placed an emphasis on the following areas: implementation of new laws and practices in the area of asylum and migration; boosting capacities for reception, identification, orientation and return and advancement of sustainable capacities of competent institutions in Republic of Serbia for provision of training.

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Strenthening Cross-Border Cooperation Along the Western Balkan Route (CROBOWEB)

This one year project has been financed by the International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) of US State Department in the amount of USD 650,000 and aims to enhance the fight against smuggling of migrants, trafficking in human beings and cross-border transgressions along the Eastern Mediterranean and Western Balkan routes, thus contributing to the enhanced security in the region, more precisely on the territories of three countries: Serbia, FYRM and Greece.

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EU Supports Serbia to Improove Border Management in the Context of the Migration Crisis

Introduction: The EU provides assistance to Republic of Serbia and Serbian Ministry of Interior to improve its border and migration management capabilities at the border with Bulgaria. It is funded by the EU with EUR 1 million and implemented by UN agency for Migration – International Organization for Migration (IOM).

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IOM Migrants and Refugees in the Republic of Serbia

Introduction: Having in mind the increase in migrants, refugees and asylum seekers who are using the Western Balkan portion of the Eastern Mediterranean migratory route (2,000-3,000 people per day in July 2015, and 6,000 - 7,000 people per day in October 2015, as well as the insufficiency of adequate premises for their reception and care, a need for establishing additional facilities is noted.

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Prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings in the Balkans through Educational Activities and Capacity-building of Schools

The overall objective of this 18-month project (2005/2006), funded by the Netherlands with total budget of EUR 1,015,878 (Serbia mission EUR 131,075), implemented by the IOM was to prevent trafficking in human beings in the Balkans through capacity-building and educational activities, awareness-raising about the risks and consequences of trafficking among children in schools, as well as non-attendees (mainly Roma children), thereby reducing their vulnerability to trafficking. The project:

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Prevention of ‘modern slavery’ in Serbia – from real life stories to TV docudrama

With financial support provided by the IOM Development Fund and in close partnership with the Ministry of Interior of Serbia, the project Prevention of “Modern Slavery” in Serbia – From Real Life Stories to Television Docudrama aimed to contribute to Serbia’s human trafficking prevention efforts, outlined in the Government’s National Counter-trafficking Action Plan.

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