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Enhancing Social Protection Framework for Migrants in Vulnerable Situation in Serbia

This project aims to contribute to strengthening social protection of migrants in Serbia by enhancing social protection of migrants through the increase in availability and quality of social services and community-based support programs. It aims to do so by focusing on institutional improvements through capacity building and systemic availability of specialised psychosocial services and diversification of migrant support programs by engaging community resources, so that migrants enjoy enhanced psychosocial protection, which is accessible and tailored to their needs.

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EU Support to Serbia and Former Yougoslav Republic of Macedonia in Managing Migration/Refugees Crisis on Balkan Route

Introduction: The Western Balkans region has witnessed a sharp increase in the numbers of mixed migration flows arriving in or transiting through its territory, along the so-called Western Balkan route, in particular Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Serbia.  In addition to the high numbers, the mixed composition of these flows adds complexity to the task of addressing them effectively and in line with international commitments and standards.

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Assisted Voluntary Return from Switzerland

The Swiss FOM (Federal Office for Migration) provides operational input and makes final decisions on the individual reintegration assistance to be provided to the returnee. IOM Belgrade has started processing returnees under the AVR Switzerland in the middle of 2002 and this programme is still active. The total number of cases assisted by IOM Belgrade since mid 2002 until December 2011 is: 221 cases or 530 persons.

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Voluntary Assisted Return and Reintegration Programme –VARRP Ireland

The Reintegration Fund provides financial support for reintegration activities in countries of origin of returnees from Ireland who are eligible for reintegration assistance. The VARRP – UK programme became operational in 2005 and is open-ended. The total number of processed cases is 13.

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