Harnessing Migration Potential in Serbia through a Joint Program Approach

As the joint program “Evidence-based Migration Governance for Maximizing Development Potential of Migration” funded by the Migration Multi-Partner Trust Fund (MPTF) kicks off, the initial meeting of the Steering Committee convened on the 25th of April at the Migration Training Center in Plandiste.

With active participation of IOM Serbia and three other UN agencies – UNDP, UNHCR and UNICEF – and the Commissariat for Refugees and Migration of the Republic of Serbia as an implementing partner, we are jointly aiming to develop and support a network of competent civil servants and officials while addressing the gaps in quality of evidence of people affected by migration.

“Together, we are continuing the long-standing support in migration management capacity building in Serbia, this time focusing on building a central level learning resource which utilized to increase competencies on migration governance matters at all government levels, including civil society as an important actor, said Donatella Bradic, IOM Serbia Chief of Mission a.i., adding that both policy makers and planners working on migration issues will benefit from an enhanced and diversified learning offer, collection and use of migration data and increased research and academic cooperation.

Consequently, migration policies developed and implemented in this manner will drive a more successful achievement of GCM objectives. Moving forward to the second International Migration Review Forum, this joint initiative will contribute to the overall effort to further the IMRF Progress Declaration adopted in 2022.

Since successful migration management relies on data and evidence driven policy, incorporating international standards and principles in delivering services and assistance to migrants in need, it makes for an excellent timing of this joint endeavour.  Hence, the First Meeting of the Steering Committee was conducted in collaborative spirit, where Svetlana Velimirovic, Deputy Commissioner for Refugees and Migration, and the representatives of the UN agencies participating in this MPTF funded program reiterated the joint commitment and contribution to sustainable solutions in migration governance, stemming from their respective areas of expertise.

“With this joint initiative, we are building a bridge of inclusivity, understanding and solidarity, as migration is more than just numbers – it is about people, their stories, their dreams and the hardships they endure”, concluded IOM’s Donatella Bradic.

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