AVRR Multistakeholder Approach At Its Finest

After a well coordinated multistakeholder approach, six Moroccan citizens are safely returning home to reunite with their loved ones.

We have worked hard with the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia, the Commissariat with Refugees and Migration, and the Embassy of Morocco to enable their safe return after a complex migration process.

Filled with emotions, anticipation, and opportunities ahead, six migrants are escorted to the Belgrade Airport with sincere wishes to reunite with their families and return to the important everyday things of life.

In close cooperation with IOM Morocco, the six returnees are provided with reintegration support package to start anew.

„This type of support is much appreciated, to kickstart a new beginning,“ shared Ben Mahmoud Abdennaour and added that he left his country in pursuit of economic opportunities to better support his two children and elderly parents.

„I am considering a business idea, but for now, I just want to embrace my family again,“  Ben added, speaking on behalf of the group, while we were sharing the important information with them right before the take off.

Once more, we have demonstrated that humane approach to migration and a coordinated cooperation and devotion of all migration stakeholders involved, is the best way forward in enabling safe and regular returns.

AVRR remains the preferred return modality for all the migrants unable or unwilling to stay in Serbia.

SDG 10 - Reduced Inequalities