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AC Krnjaca 1- Sewing and tailoring workshop

Migrants Protect Physical and Mental Health by Making Masks

At the time when there were queues in front of pharmacies, with people waiting to buy no more than ten surgical masks – because most of them were going to hospitals and COVID-19 infirmaries – at the Asylum Centre Krnjača women worked two at a time, in two-hour shifts under the watchful eye of facilitator Dragojla Ocokoljić producing around a hundred canvas facemasks per day.

Azar working on new wooden figurine in RC Obrenovac_IOM May 2021

Carpentry – Fun and Useful Workshop for Migrants in the Obrenovac Reception Center

Azar Khan is from Pakistan, Bilal is a Kurd from the Syrian city of Qamishli, and Mohamed is from Mogadishu, Somalia. Azar speaks English and a little Serbian, Bilal communicates only in Arabic, and Mohamed, who frequently jumps in as a translator, speaks English and Arabic. Nevertheless, when the three of them are in the carpentry workshop at the Obrenovac Reception Centre for migrants, they do not need words and languages – they understand each other even without them.

Sports activities for children and youth in RC Sid_IOM May 2021

COVID-19 Has Also Been a Great Challenge for People on the Migration Route

Unlike younger men from Arab, Asian and certain African countries – whose presence in Serbia stopped being surprising years ago, as one can see them on the streets in big cities, along roads and in villages close to the state border – it is uncommon to come across migrant families. Around 148 migrants – families from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Africa, including 50 children – were accommodated at the Šid Reception Centre during the last days of May 2021 alone.

Funded by the European Union

Public Call for Proposals - REISSUED

In the framework of the project „Regional support to protection of sensitive migration management in the Western Balkans and Turkey“, phase 2, IOM launches a Public Call for awarding grants to local communities in the Republic of Serbia for implementation of the social cohesion projects ...

COVID-19 Response at Points of Entry

New e-course Helps Border Guards Work Through COVID Challenges

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina - The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed many aspects of migration, including human mobility, trade patterns and border management. Despite restrictions, border officials continue their work, processing travelers and detecting and assisting migrants who cross borders irregularly.