Mobility is an essential feature of today’s world. Integrated world markets, the emergence of transnational networks and the rapid growth of communication technologies all contribute to the increasing movement of both high– and low-skilled workers, students, trainees, families and tourists. The demographic and social structure in the industrialized world has created the need for workers and professionals from other countries. Large-scale migration for work represents potentially difficult adjustments, but economies that desire to remain competitive cannot ignore the need for change. Facilitating migration for work can be a win–win proposition. IOM provides policy and technical advice to governments on the regulation of migrant labour and other migratory movements, and carries out programmes to assist governments and migrants with selection/recruitment, language and cultural orientation, consular services, training, reception, integration and return. These services, tailored to each programme, are provided during all stages of the process: information and application, interview and approval, and post-approval. IOM has performed over 1.5 million immigration medical evaluations around the world and provides logistic and travel assistance to migrants.