NTF Ex post Independent Evaluation

This ex post summative evaluation is undertaken after the hand-over of the project to the Directorate for Resettlement (hereafter referred to as “Directorate”) at the end of June 2011. The Directorate is itself a part of the Human Resource Department of the MOD, and directly under the oversight of the newly created Department for Standard, Tradition and Veterans. The Directorate is the replacement of the PRISMA structure initially established in 2004 in line with the security sector reform plan and military downsizing. As the plan has now officially come to an end and military staff are no longer declared redundant, the structure has been renamed as Directorate for Resettlement with the overall responsibility for resettlement of military staff that are leaving the Armed Forces. The main target over the coming years will be the professional soldiers (contract soldiers) category. In the context of this ex post evaluation, the Directorate for Resettlement has the responsibility for the monitoring and follow-up of the NTF project beneficiaries, as agreed by the main project stakeholders, for a period of two years after receiving the assistance, in accordance with the MoD Results Framework........

Publication Authors: 
Christian Bugnion, Mirjana Korica, Svjetlana Djokic
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Labour Migration
NTF ExPost Summative Evaluation Publication Cover