Roots and Labyrinths: Supporting interethnic youth dialogue and activism in Sandzak and South Serbia

The objective of this initiative is to contribute to better socio-cultural integration, conflict prevention and interethnic dialogue among youth in West and South Serbia regions. It aims to enhance capacities of 8 youth offices in conflict prevention and mediation and promotion of inter-cultural dialogue and to strengthen youth networking and active participation through small-scaled youth projects. To achieve these results, the project partnered with the Ministry of Youth and Sports as well as eight local Youth Offices in South and Southwest Serbia.

Eight youth offices from South and Southwest Serbia: Bujanovac, Presevo, Vranje, Tutin, Novi Pazar, Sjenica, Ivanjica and Uzice implement the project through: Youth offices Workshop programme consisting of several different modules; and Small grants for joint youth projects promoting cultural and traditional values as a tool to encourage interethnic dialogue amongst youth and enable networking.

This project is funded with GBP 47,000 by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office through the British Embassy in Belgrade, and is implemented from September 2012 through March 2013.

Project Status: