Reintegration and Emigration Program for Asylum-Seekers in Germany (REAG) / Government Assisted Repatriation Program (GARP)

Project Duration: 
2000 - 2008
Government of Germany

This program is a humanitarian assistance program for asylum-seekers; rejected asylum-seek­ers and refugees who are prepared to renounce their right to asylum and have decided to volun­tarily return permanently to their native country or to emigrate to a third country.

REAG/GARP is financed by the Government of Germany and administered by IOM on behalf of the Ministry of the Interior and the Federal States, and in Cooperation with local and regional authori­ties, voluntary wel­fare organizations, specialized NGOs and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

IOM Belgrade started processing returnees under the GARP on August 15th, 2000 and the program closed on 31st December 2008. The total number of returnees assisted by IOM Belgrade since August 2000 when the GARP program became operational until the end of December 2009 is: 12, 684.

Project Status: