Joint UN project Peace Building and Inclusive Development Project (PBILD)

While PBILD, as a Joint UN programme, worked towards inclusive, peaceful and sustainable development in South Serbia, the objective of the IOM component was to build capacities of local communities through trainings in the area of prevention and violence/conflict resolution.

During 2010 and 2011, IOM provided capacity development support for key local professionals, to equip local stakeholders with the communication and negotiation skills and adequate strategies for the management of conflict and resolution of disputes. The particular attention in the training curriculum was put on local inter-ethnic tensions. After the Conflict Mediation Training of Trainers, IOM continued to monitor and technically support the replication of training in the target municipalities. Trained local experts formed a Trainers Group and conducted a further, 7-model replication course.

PBILD Project was implemented in cooperation with the Government of the Republic of Serbia, the Ombudsman Office and 13 municipalities in Pcinjski and Jablanicki districts in Southern Serbia, during 2010 – 2013. It was implemented jointly by UNDP, UNICEF, UNHCR, ILO, IOM and UN-HABITAT. PBILD project was funded by the Spanish Millennium Development Goals Fund.

Project Status: