Mitigating Adverse Effects of Internal Migration

Project Duration: 
01 September 2019 – 31 August 2021
Project Partners: 
Ministry for Population Policy and Demography (MPPD), Commissariat for Refugees and Migration (SCRM)
IOM Development Fund (IDF)

Project Description

This project aims to support the mainstreaming of selected national priorities, focusing on internal migration of youth, into local sector planning, thus aligning migration with key development priorities, through strengthened vertical coordination and targeted capacity building for this exercise. 

Project objective: 

The project objective comprises of two outcomes.

Outcome One: to strengthen policy and institutional linkages between migration governance and sustainable development;

Outcome Two: supporting the development and implementation of measures for operationalizing national migration priorities in the context of local development strategies.


Project activities

  • Identify available expertise and provide secondment in coordination with government counterparts;
  • Organize regular meetings with national/local stakeholders and provide daily inputs to the government institutions (Ministry for Population and Demography and Serbian Commissariat for Refugees and Migration), including on migration profiles, MGI, VNR, and contributions to national SDG processes);
  • Organize two capacity-building events with central and local level practitioners to provide expertise, knowledge and guidance to local levels;
  • Produce a systematic vertical coordination mechanism;
  • Recruit a consultant to organize local consultations with local migration management stakeholders in selected communities to draft/update local plans;
  • Prepare needs assessment methodology;
  • Carry out needs assessment and local consultations in selected communities, including a focus groups with youth;
  • Carry out validation process and integrate comments from stakeholders;
  • Launch the call for initiatives;
  • Carry out consultations with the project steering board to evaluate and select the local initiatives, including with youth;
  • Provide grants for the local initiatives (one per municipality) and monitor and supervise the implementation;

Project Status: 
IOM Development Fund (IDF)
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