Life Through the Camera Lens of Migrants in Serbia

The exhibition entitled “Life through the camera lens of migrants in Serbia” showcases 40 photographs taken by migrants housed in temporary accommodation at the Reception Center in Subotica.

The photographs were taken as part of a two-month professional photography workshop run by the International Organization for Migration in Serbia, under EU Support to Migration Management in Serbia. Workshop participants learned about the essentials for taking high quality professional photographs, photograph types, themes etc.

The migrants were afforded the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and express the emotions, fears, wishes, sadness that they experience on their migrations.

The photographs capture nature, portraits and features as seen through the photographers' lenses, which serve to embellish the here and now.

Fragments of ambitions, images of yesteryear, understanding and energy intertwine to create the abstract world that this exhibition aspires to portray.

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International Organization for Migration (IOM)
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Life Through the Camera Lens of Migrants in Serbia