Enhancing Social Protection for Migrants in Vulnerable Situation in Serbia

Project Duration: 
2018 - 2019
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

Project Description

This project aims to contribute to strengthening social protection of migrants in Serbia by enhancing social protection of migrants through the increase in availability and quality of social services and community-based support programs. It aims to do so by focusing on institutional improvements through capacity building and systemic availability of specialised psychosocial services and diversification of migrant support programs by engaging community resources, so that migrants enjoy enhanced psychosocial protection, which is accessible and tailored to their needs.

Project activities

  • Designing, accrediting and roll out of a psychosocial support service – PSS program in social protection institutions with several competencies;
  • Forming migrant protection teams to include two social protection counsellors and one interpreter on five locations. The teams will provide psychosocial support and counselling to migrants in need, including referring to services and have peer supervision;
  • Designing and publishing call for proposals of CSO’s and youth organizations to increase the availability of social services and support programs to migrants provided by local community actors and partnerships;
  • Organizing on the job training for staff at asylum/reception centres and children homes.

Expected results

  • Local social protection providers use upgraded psychosocial programs to migrants in need in particular through:
    • Improved competences of social workers in five municipalities for delivery of psychosocial support to migrants;
    • Psychosocial support and counselling provided.
  • Protection services for migrants in need diversified and expanded through local partnerships by:
    • Community-based social services available to migrants in vulnerable situation including UMC through partnerships with civil society;
    • Community-based support programs designed and offered to migrant populations;
    • On-the-job training in child protection with Switzerland and sharing of successful practices facilitated through practitioners’ exchange.


Project Status: 
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