Request for Quotation - EXTENDED

RFQ, 011/MADAD/FURN/2018

Under the EU funded project: “EU  support to Serbia and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in managing the migration/refugees crisis / Balkan route”,  IOM invites all stakeholders and interested legal entities to submit an offer for the procurement of the following equipment: 011/MADAD/FURN/2018 – Purchase or Reproduced/Recycled Cartridges for various printing devices.

Request for submission of the documentation should be submitted electronically on the official memorandum with the number of procurement in the subject (011/MADAD/FURN/2018) to the following email:

The offer should be electronically submitted and addressed to: International Organization for Migration (IOM) in accordance with the instructions which can be found in the RFQ no later than 31st October 2018 by 16:00, local time. Offers submitted later than stated deadline shall not be considered.