Request for Quotation - EXTENDED

RFQ, 010/MADAD/FURN/2018

Under the EU funded project: “EU  support to Serbia and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in managing the migration/refugees crisis / Balkan route”,  IOM invites all stakeholders and interested legal entities to submit an offer for the procurement of the following equipment: 010/MADAD/FURN/2018 – Purchase of various equipment (furniture, IT equipment, household equipment).

Request for submission of the documentation should be submitted electronically on the official memorandum with the number of procurement in the subject (010/MADAD/FURN/2018) to the following email:

The offer should be electronically submitted and addressed to: International Organization for Migration (IOM) in accordance with the instructions which can be found in the RFQ no later than 31st October 2018 by 16:00, local time. Offers submitted later than stated deadline shall not be considered.