Strenthening Cross-Border Cooperation Along the Western Balkan Route (CROBOWEB)

Project Duration: 
15 September 2016 – 14 September 2017
US State Department - International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL)

This one year project has been financed by the International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) of US State Department in the amount of USD 650,000 and aims to enhance the fight against smuggling of migrants, trafficking in human beings and cross-border transgressions along the Eastern Mediterranean and Western Balkan routes, thus contributing to the enhanced security in the region, more precisely on the territories of three countries: Serbia, FYRM and Greece.

The activities which will contribute to the accomplishment of this main objective are the establishment of a Border Police Working Group from target countries to facilitate enhanced cooperation and information sharing on cross-border transgressions as well as the establishment of a Working Group for criminal justice and police authorities of target countries to facilitate increased joint investigations of smuggling of migrants and trafficking in human beings including through the exchange of information on suspected criminal cases of migrant smuggling. Procurement of specialised equipment to facilitate border surveillance, creation of a harmonized set of indicators and procedures to identify migrant smuggling cases and organizing of trainings that will lead to the joint investigation involving the criminal authorities of all three countries are also envisaged by the project. Based on the Schengen Borders Code and other relevant materials, development of uniform manuals and flyers on identification and investigation of migrant smuggling and trafficking in human beings cases has been planned by this project.

Project Status: