Humanitarian Border Management

The Handbook on Humanitarian Border Management – Standard Operating Procedures for Border Police -  has been developed by the projects implemented in support in migrant crisis management on the so-called Western Balkan route and implemented by IOM in partnership with the Border Police Directorate of the Serbian Ministry of Interior (MoI), based on direct experiences and field activities of admission and processing of migrants, funded by the Swiss State Secretariat for Migration (SEM), IOM Development Fund and DFID. Project objectives focused on improving the system of migration management, primarily in the area of irregular migration control and additional strengthening of the border police to act in the situations of increased influx of migrants.  The SOPs are of key importance for providing instructions to the Republic of Serbia (RS) MoI officers with regards to action in unusual or emergency circumstances.

Publication Authors: 
Zoran Andjelkovic, Zoran Dzenovljanovic
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Immigration and Border Management
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Humanitarian Border Management