Migration profile of the Republic of Serbia for 2014

The main idea behind the Migration Profile is for it to serve as an instrument aimed to provide support for key state actors in planning adequate migration policies, as well as for the representatives of the civil society and the academic community in analysis of current migration flows. Regular annual updating provides better insight into the overall situation relating to migration in the country. The document aims to provide competent authorities in the Republic of Serbia with an insight into relevant migration trends, and thus enable the development of policies and the adoption of necessary legislation in the area of migration management. Meanwhile, the Migration Profile is being constantly improved at the global level, giving rise to the second generation of the profile, entitled the Extended Migration Profile. This is the reason why the Migration Profile of the Republic of Serbia for the year 2014 was extended with a segment on migration and development, the topic which has increasingly become the focus of global migration management policies.

The project “Mainstreaming Migration into National Development Strategies” carried out by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in the Republic of Serbia, and financed by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, provided expert support for the development of this year's Migration Profile. The Project, which will be discussed later on, forms a part of a global programme implemented in seven other countries of the world with the aim to provide support for the states to incorporate migration into national development policies.

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Republic of Serbia, Commissariat for Refugees and Migration
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Immigration and Border Management
Migration and Development
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Migration profile of the Republic of Serbia for 2014