Study on external and internal migration of Serbia's citizens with particular focus on Youth

This Study was prepared within the global project “Mainstreaming Migration into National Development Strategies” (2014-2018), implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), with a view to supporting national governments and their partners in: a) improving the registration, monitoring and processing of data on migration; b) making better use of the human potential of migration; 3) utilising migration management to increase the national development capacities, whilst reducing risks for the migrants, their families and communities of origin/destination.

Management of youth migration was set as the priority goal of this Study. During its development, the Research Team first mapped the existing sources of data on migration, assessed their quality in terms of availability, reliability, comprehensiveness and comparability, and, in the last section, within its recommendations, proposed measures to improve the regular migration monitoring methodology, particularly at the local level. Second, the Research Team conducted a desktop analysis of the existing bases of quantitative and qualitative empirical records (official statistics, Eurostat (European Commission Directorate General for Statistics), Migration Profiles, empirical research) and a secondary analysis of other related research, with a view to gaining fullest possible insight in the migration flows, including asylum-seeking flows of nationals of Serbian descent abroad, returnees from abroad, youth, etc., all with the aim of arriving at an in-depth description, understanding, identification and interpretation of trends, causes and patterns of migration, especially of Serbia’s young citizens.

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Mirjana Bobić, Milica Vesković Anđelković, Vlasta Kokotović Kanazir
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Migration and Development
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Study on external and internal migration of Serbia's citizens with particular focus on Youth