Promoting regular migration in the Western Balkans through the establishment of Regional Migrant Service Centres providing information and migration related services

This regional pilot project was funded by the European Commission and implemented by IOM from December 2004 to June 2006. This regional project had overall objective to promote orderly migration flows and related awareness-raising on regular channels of migration addressing potential migrants to EU states. These Migrant Service Centres functioned within IOM offices also provided information and other services to returning migrants both from EU states and from within the region on reintegration possibilities so as to promote closer collaboration between countries of the region and closer integration with relevant EU policies. Through this project and its MSCs IOM in Serbia managed to reach to 700 direct beneficiaries. In Serbia, the brochure was produced within the framework of this project to provide orientation and valuable information for return and reintegration activities of migrants. Edited in both national and English language, it offered information on the country, EU activities in the region, social services, housing and health care as well as labour related support services and counselling by agencies and NGOs. The brochure also presented a list with referral addresses and websites helpful when returning to one’s home country. Total project budget was EUR 800,000 of which the EC contributed with EUR 650,000 and the remaining was provided by the Italian Government.

Project Status: