Memories Left Behind

The Brochure “Memories left behind” contains opus of 20 photographs featuring toys scattered and left behind by migrant children on the West Balkan Route from 2015. The photos are certain record of the largest exodus of people from the Middle East, Far East, Asia.

Most of the photos were recorded in the Reception Center in Presevo (South of Serbia) by Milica Andjelkovic Jovanovic, IOM Mobile Team Coordinator.


Support to the Information Management, Communication and Planning Capacity in Addressing the Migration Management Challenges in Serbia

As of mid-2015 until the beginning of March 2016, when the so-called Balkan route was formally closed, more than 700,000 migrants passed through the Republic of Serbia on their way to the countries of Western Europe. Unlike the period before the closure of the Balkan route, migrants now have been staying in Serbia for a longer period of time, in some cases longer than a year. In January 2017 there are some 4,000 migrants accommodated in 18 asylum and reception centres. Such a situation requires a different response of institutions dealing with migration management, as well as international and non-governmental actors. In this regard, the mission of the project is to assist the Government of the Republic of Serbia to respond to dynamic challenges of the migration management.

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