IOM Serbia transports migrant children to elementary schools

During September 2017, some 500 migrant children aged 8 to 14 were enrolled in the elementary schools in Serbia.

The IOM mission in Serbia, with the support of the EU funds, has backed the efforts of the State to include children of migrants in primary education. In this regard, since the beginning of the first half of the school year, children from reception centers of Vranje, Bujanovac, Pirot and Divljana have been regularly transported to schools. A number of migrants accommodated in the Reception center of Pirot attend high school  and transportation service has been provided for them, too.

Field staff experiences show that children look forward to going to school and are keen to socialize with local children.

"Children are happy, and we are glad to offer them transportation and enable them to safely reach the schools and return to the reception centers. As soon as they enter the vehicle, they wish to listen to the music and sing along. When we drive them back from schools, they tell us what they learned that day," said Mrs. Milica Anđelković Jovanović, IOM South Serbia field coordinator.

Vranje, IOM Serbia, school, children
Vranje, IOM Serbia, school, children