Commencement of construction works for additional Annex in Asylum center in Tutin - Press Release


Commencement of construction works for additional Annex in Asylum center in Tutin

Tutin, 03 August 2017 - Representatives of EU Delegation, Commissariat for Refugees and Migration, International Organization for Migration (IOM) and Municipality of Tutin have officially opened the construction works for building of an additional annex (Annex B) in Asylum center in Tutin.

In line with the planned construction works, Annex B, intended for accommodation of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, shall include 60 accommodation spaces in standard rooms, infirmary, playground, as well as 12 accommodation spaces in rooms with toilets intended for persons with disabilities.

Construction of the additional annex is supported by the European Union through Regional Trust Fund “MADAD”, as instrument of the EU for regional response to Syrian Crisis, and which is implemented by the International Organization for Migration in Serbia and Macedonia in partnership with state institutions for migration management and local self-governments in targeted locations. In addition to other important support programmes of the EU aimed at addressing issues induced by migration crisis, this initiative is mainly focused at improvement of conditions in reception and asylum centers for migrants, asylum seekers and refugees who are residing in the territory of the Republic of Serbia. Next to the construction of abovementioned facility, the project shall ensure further improvement of accommodation capacities in other reception centers in line with the plan of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and in coordination with the Working Group for Mixed Migration Flows.

Total value of construction works in Tutin is 273,500 Euros, while the total value of the project activities envisaged for both Serbia and Macedonia is 7,65 million Euros.

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