Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration

 Assisted Voluntary ReturnAVR is an area of expertise of IOM, developed more than 20 years ago. In the past decade alone, IOM has assisted more than 1.6 million migrants world-wide to return voluntarily and safely to their home countries. IOM sees AVR as an indispensable part of a comprehensive approach to migration management, which combines quick, efficient border management, effective asylum processing and speedy, human return and reintegration. Thru the AVR programmes Reintegration assistance provided by IOM Belgrade included: cash grants, direct assistance to the returnees (return transportation, secondary transportation), information and referral to social and other services after arrival, housing support, grants disbursement, counselling on the implementation of their individual reintegration projects, possibilities of vocational training courses,  help with setting up small businesses (farming, welding shop, sewing business), education (university-level or other courses), school fees for children who return with their parents, employment opportunities or access to employment agencies language classes for children who do not speak/write the language of their parents’ country of origin. IOM Belgrade supports on regular basis the host countries (Western European countries) with information concerning: public administration, social welfare, medical care, housing, employment, reintegration and reconstruction assistance and education.